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  • Danny Sapio

    Danny Sapio

    Co-Founder @ confettihabits.com & Senior Product Designer @ Method — Dannysapio.com

  • Birrell Walsh

    Birrell Walsh

    For many years I was a technician at a Public Broadcasting station. Now, in good company, I cook and write.

  • Francesco Bartoli

    Francesco Bartoli

  • Christopher Tao

    Christopher Tao

    👁️ 2.5M+ Reads🏆7k+ Followers🥇Top 50 Writer👨‍🎓PhD💻Data Engineer/Machine Learning 🤝LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopher-tao-5717a274/

  • Christopher P Jones

    Christopher P Jones

    Art writer, critic, novelist, artist. See my links at https://linktr.ee/cpjones

  • Regia Marinho

    Regia Marinho

    Visual artist. Writer. Civil engineer. https://linktr.ee/regiaart

  • Javier Menéndez

    Javier Menéndez

    I am a Spanish IT Architect living in Denmark. 2x Medium Top Writer. I write about the impact that technology has on our lives and our future as humans.

  • Daryan Hanshew

    Daryan Hanshew


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